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Let's celebrate together!

10 years of adventure! A consecration, and in order to celebrate this ten years, a board is to be won on the social networks, from the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Below is the background of the man behind the scenes of the brand.


"Hey buddy do you ride in France ?!

- Yeah!

"So take mine ! and let's roll the track !

I didn't think there were still good guys on this earth, this guy who happily lent me his bike on a cross-country course (KFx250) is an Italian expatriate in Bali with his own workshop. My very first sketches became material under the hands of this shaper. So the story of Mantap was born around a bike story...

Nicolas Commagnac was born in France, in the south west, land of foie gras, surfing and great wine. Passionate, he was introduced to many sports from a young age, the first Frenchman to do a backflip in mountainboard (skate-cross) in 2000. He then pursued his quest for board sports, snowboarding in winter, surfing in summer and off-season motorcycling / biking, no competitions but fun.

Later he learned wakeboarding, this feeling of sliding motivated him to pass his instructor diploma with UCPA Bombanne and, Laurent Delacroix who also introduced him to wakesurfing: his first ride on a wave behind a boat in 2005.

300+ Boards and 7 Open Countries

The following year he starts his first wakeboard school in the Landes with a Correct Craft 1976, bought open engine for a few hundred euros acquired in Paris. Fixes the engine, renovates the boat and teaches all summer in the 40, to introduce wakesurfing to a few initiates with the Salomon noseless 5.3 board, much more efficient and avant-garde than Hyperlite Landlock or Broadcast at that time, by his opinion.

On January 1, 2012, after spending five chaotic years helping his parents develop a fitness center and spa, (bp agff) he decided to take a total break and take a one-way trip to Bali for new horizons.

Bali is the island of surfing, they also call it "Island of Gods". The idea came at the end of 2013 to have the first 2 wakesurf surfstyle models, the Bowl in 4.5 and the Padang in 4.9, polyester wood batten and carbon kevlar reinforcement, shapped by an Italian met on a motocross course in Bali, who had his own surf workshop. The first tests were done in Thailand with Gille Becker, on several spots, and the boards worked! The following summer in Biscarrosse, tests with riders and the "yellow hut" in Maguide, I sell both.

Innovation and Quality to offer you the best

2015, 12 boards planned, I organize a tour in France and Switzerland, with my camper and the boards on board, I meet many clubs, but also riders and individuals. Many connections, time spent on the water, which allows me to consider 2016.

The year of the real start, creation of a team rider, 7 riders of different nationalities, 85 boards produced, a new model in 4.7, full epoxy, a tour in Australia at the beginning of the year, opening of the market on Japan and Russia, then Hong Kong end of the year.

During this year several competitions, the team participates, and make podiums with all the blows, beautiful reward, I appreciate besides enormously my team with a super spirit. A tour is organized in partnership with Moomba Supra France during May on all the part of the East and centre of France, 3400km, a lot of test, people test the wave and the boards, that match.

I then continued on the European circuit, Switzerland Germany Austria England, the boards are all gone.

2017, the year starts with a stock of 300 boards, high objective but confident on the evolution. Many present on the main boat shows, Geneva, Paris and Dusseldorf, big communication on wakesurfing by the manufacturers, 2nd edition Moomba Mantap Tour with a final in contest format. A particularly intense edition full of good moments.

The team rider raps almost all the podiums of the European tour, great success after these two years of creation of the team, which will not be repeated for 2018.

The tour ends and the stock is empty, the objective is fulfilled: to develop and offer the sport to the smallest lakes with great meetings and landscapes.

2018, a kind of achievement, the 3 collections are close to perfection, the Softop in entry level with this new coating to ride safely without ruining itself with its punchy color (world premiere), the Proserie and the new ultra efficient shape glazed with Innegra fiber, the Hero and the Padang declined in 4.5 and its full carbon foil box.

During the last three years, after choosing to stop the international team riders at the end of 2017, Nicolas Commagnac dedicated himself in 2018 to the development of a first wakesurf club in St Germain au Mont d'Or, then following the craze, he opens in 2020 a second base in the center of Lyon, in front of the Confluence Museum.

2018 2020 Break of the founder, 3 years to develop 2 clubs in Lyon is not a small matter, focused on his projects, he makes a stand-by of the brand, to come back stronger. Not being able to be on all fronts, nevertheless, he develops in 2019 prototypes skim in airex in collaboration with Unamas. About twenty boards are produced in 2020. No longer living in Indonesia, he abandons the production in Bali, his ethic of social and environmental solidarity holding him to heart. A spirit of solidarity that places the human, the economy and nature at the center of its concerns. He therefore completely rethinks the codes of manufacturing to start his next production in France.

2021 all the manufacturing is concentrated in France, Biarritz / Anglet for the surfboards, at home for the skims, he shapes them himself. The 2021 collection is the culmination of all these years, and he preaches the made in France which he had in heart.

Mid season 2021 an opportunity is created in order to return on these native lands concerning the club of wakesurf, Lyon to Biscarrosse, from where the birth since of Biscawakesurf, 2022 the entity is well launched.

Go and meet him at his club in Biscarrosse www.biscawakesurf.com , you will be able to test the complete quiver 2023.

Mantap, Follow the Future & Coming soon under your feet

hastag: #mantapwakesurf #followthefuture #comingsoonunderyourfeet



  • Chulie aka Seafox / Bali / Mixtape 5.9
  • Mathis aka Wanker / Mentawaï / Darkterror 5.9
  • Liam aka Nanas / Bali / Mixtape 5.5 / TurboCrypt 5.8
  • Matthieu aka Cangga / Reunion Island / Darkterror 5.8


  • Maximilian Kawlath / Germany / Nautical G23
  • Fanny Clavien / Switzerland / Moomba Helix
  • Svetik Mishanova / Russia / Club


  • Irena Rohrer / Austria / Axis T22
  • Sam Perez Candela / France / Malibu Wakesetter
  • Hadrien Brassoud / France / Etoile filante 1976
  • Laura Clavien / Switzerland / Moomba Helix
  • Sebastien Jourdant / France / Mastercraft cx
  • Nadek Kosheleva / Russia / Nautical
  • Keita Arakawa / Japan


  • Liam Bousseau aka Nanas/ Bali / Darkterror 5.8 & Mixtape 5.7
  • Mathieu aka Cangga / Reunion Island / Darkterror 5.8



  • Svetik Mishanova / Russia
  • Mick Sharpe / England
  • Fanny Clavien / Switzerland


  • Maximilian Kawlath / Germany
  • Isama Yamauchi / Japan
  • Laura Clavien / Switzerland
  • Gael Blavier / Switzerland
  • Hadrien Brassoud / France


  • Mathieu aka Cangga / Reunion Island / Darkterror 5.8


  • Hadrien Brassoud / Annecy : 1st place ama king of the lake



  • Japan Iwsa: 1st man
  • Japan Iwsa: 1st woman
  • Budapest Fise: 1st outlaw woman / 2nd oulaw man / 3rd amateur man
  • Surf the lake: 1st & 2nd place woman outlaw / 1st outlaw man / 3rd woman amateur
  • Zurich CWSA: 2nd outlaw man / 2nd outlaw woman / 3rd amateur woman


  • Gva: 1st 2nd 3rd place amateur
  • Gva: 1st place woman outlaw
  • Surf the lake: 1st 2nd place amateur men
  • Surf the lake: 1st place outlaw woman
  • Surf the lake: 3rd place amateur woman