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    The BOWL is released in 4.7


    Available in 4.5 4.7 4.9


    French construction and manufacturing: 490€.


    Available in 4.5 and 4.7

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The brand's experience for a better response. Based in the south west of France, the cradle of surfing, the brand has always produced high performance boards. The brand has been thriving for 9 years now and since last year we have been manufacturing exclusively in France. We continue to be a trendsetter in the world of wakesurfing. Whether you're looking for podiums or just the best board for family and friends to enjoy, Mantap has what you need.

100% Made in France

In order to reduce our carbon footprint on global warming, we are doing our utmost. We use a maximum of organic materials, in particular with the biosourced resin containing more than 56% of vegetable component. As well as a local production allows us to reduce considerably the routing of the boards. No interlocutor, from manufacturing to delivery directly to the customer.

2022 The BOWL is released in 4.7

After 3 years of developing his clubs in Lyon, and then moving the club to his native region, in Biscarrosse, the founder of the brand is making a comeback with a new series that promises efficiency and durability. The great novelty and not the least: the complete production is made in FRANCE.

The wakesurfs are made in the Basque Country, the "shape" workshop for over 30 years, the guarantee of quality and solidity of the boards is no longer to be proven. The core of the surfstyles are manufactured by the Hi Fused process, in other words moulded in the mass in independent block. The best in the surf market today.

As for the skims, they are made in a workshop very local to the brand as it is located in Périgueux, the creator's home town. The boards are shaped in collaboration with the famous shaper Yann Fransen from Unamas Skimboard. A brand discovered in the 2000s on the west coast between the Landes and the Basque country, created by "Squal". 20 years later, Nico finds the soul of his boards by Yann, behind a boat wave...

Many evolutions have been made over the last 9 years, up to 8 different shapes in different versions, to finally end up with 1 wakesurf model and 1 skim model made in 3 sizes each. We always think about your future riders with a gromrange on order.

The good news of 2022, the BOWL is released in 4.7!!!! Its phenomenal success since the creation of the brand at the end of its production in 2017, has aroused the interest of many riders, the demand being strong, we had to put it back in the spotlight. It is available in 4.5 and 4. 7

The COVID19 sanitary crisis that we are going through, slows down the manufacturing deadlines, we have however anticipated to have a sufficient stock of each size. As for the proposed custom boards, they are just in time. Ask for availability in our form.


During the last few years, after having chosen to stop the international team riders at the end of 2017, Nicolas Commagnac devoted himself in 2018 to the development of a first wakesurf club in St Germain au Mont d'Or, then following the craze, he opened in 2020 a second base in the centre of Lyon, opposite the Confluence Museum. Unable to be on all fronts, he put production on hold from 2018 to 2020. Nevertheless, in 2019, he developed skim prototypes in airex in collaboration with Unamas. About twenty boards are produced in 2020. Since he no longer lives in Indonesia, he is abandoning production in Bali, as his ethic of social and environmental solidarity is very important to him. A spirit of solidarity that places people, the economy and nature at the centre of his concerns. He is therefore rethinking the entire manufacturing process in order to start his next production in France.

Find the history of the brand since the beginning here.

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